gina / 20
sun: aquarius
moon: scorpio
rising: cancer


Johanna Tagada is a young French artist based in Berlin. An abstract painter and traveler, her work explores the worlds of fine art, textiles, drawings, publishing, and photography.

On a sad day, we wouldn’t mind living in one of her pieces. Her simultaneously bright yet restrained colour use is what keeps us coming back for more. Combined with beautiful forms and patterns, you can’t deny the pure sense of happiness and joy present within her work! 

Check out Johanna’s work on her blog, Instagram and empty your wallet on her online store, Bonjour Supermarket


Death Gallery, Digital Still Life 2014.

green tea, watermelon juice, reading richard brautigan, alex g, neat candles, hair treatment, no drugs


faye wong in “chungking express” (1994) x paz de la huerta in “enter the void” (2009)